Ennis Town Council has voted to erect a memorial to the Irish people who died in the Vietnam war.

Elected members of the council unanimously supported a plan that was proposed by a US-based veteran representative group.

According to the proposal, the memorial would commemorate Irish men and women who served and died in allied service in South East Asia during the period 1959-1975.

It is planned that the memorial will be erected in the vicinity of Clonroadmore Park area as part of International Remembrance Day in November 2013.

The council says the memorial could potentially serve as a tourist attraction to the estimated 1.4m ex-veterans in the US.

It is proposed that the names of Irish people who served and lost their lives in South East Asia, including Vietnam, will be listed on the memorial.

The monument will carry the inscription: "The people of the allied nations express their heartfelt gratitude for the service and sacrifice of those above and to their families, loved ones and the Irish Nation."