Snowfall in southeast England has disrupted flights and led to runway closures at some airports.

Earlier this morning, runways at both Luton and Stansted airports were closed. 

Both airports are now open but passengers have been advised of possible delays.

Long queues formed throughout the morning as travellers hoped to find alternative flights.

Mark Davison, head of communications for Stansted, said 23 outgoing and 20 incoming flights were cancelled.

Most of these were Ryanair flights which operates the majority of flights from the airport.

Mr Davison said: "We had early snow followed by falling temperatures and then more snow, which settled on ice, compounding the problem. It was certainly worse than had been forecast.

"We had the runway open again within two hours which, under the circumstances, we are satisfied with. A total area of 500,000 square metres needed to be cleared".

Eija Martin, from Finland, was among those delayed as she attempted to return home after a five-day holiday.

She said: "For us, this is crazy. A couple of inches of snow, which we would think nothing of in Finland, has caused so much chaos.

"They really should be better prepared to cope with problems like this."

By 1pm queues for information from the Ryanair ticket desk had begun to clear.