An internet security adviser has warned consumers about a planned text scam making false offers of free tickets to The Late Late Toy Show.

Paul C Dwyer, who runs the cyber security agency of the same name, warned people to watch out for two text messages falsely claiming that the receiver has won two free tickets to Friday's show.

The first text would give the receiver a premium rate number to call in order to collect the non-existent tickets.

The second would contain a link to a website inviting a person to register their claim to the tickets and to enter their payment details to pay a €20 charge to cover courier fees.

Mr Dwyer said the scam came to his company's attention during the course of a recent investigation.

He also warned that the UK based group behind it planned to send close to two million of these text messages.

In a statement, RTÉ said there are no tickets available for the Late Late Toy Show by this method and the text messages are not from RTÉ.