Fuel rationing in New York City will extend at least through Friday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said.

The odd-even system based on license plate numbers, was launched on 9 November to help cope with dramatic fuel shortages after Superstorm Sandy.

The system has helped reduce long lines for fuel, but a third of the city's retail stations are not yet operating, the mayor said in a statement.

"The odd-even license plate system has worked well and helped to reduce wait times and lines at the pump," the mayor said.

"With 30% of gas stations still closed and a major travel week coming, I am extending the successful odd-even system on gas and diesel fuel purchases to ensure we do not risk going back to the extreme lines we saw prior to the system being implemented," he said.

Officials will re-evaluate how long to keep the system in place, under which drivers are allowed to buy gasoline on alternating days, in coming days, a City Hall spokeswoman said.

A similar system implemented in New Jersey ended last week.

The region was hard hit by fuel shortages due to power outages and inventory stranded at refineries and terminals that suffered flooding and major damage.