New laws to allow a car pooling system operate the same as the Dublin Bikes scheme are being proposed by Dublin City Council.

The by-laws would allow cars to be left and collected from on-street parking zones in the city under a permit deal with car club companies.

At the moment Ireland has one car club company - Go Car - operating in Dublin and Cork charging a peak rate for the smallest vehicle of just under €5 an hour plus 45c per kilometre.

It allows its member to pick up cars and return them to multi-storey car parks.

But Dublin City Council would like to see something like the Dublin Bike scheme where members could leave the cars in any on street parking zone they wanted - a system known as "one way" car clubs.

It is understood that the German company Car2go is interested in setting up in Dublin city using a large amount of vehicles to make the one way scheme viable.

The council has drawn up proposals for by-laws to regulate a system involving up to 1,000 vehicles where car club companies would pay 1.5 hours parking per day per vehicle giving their customers free use of on-street parking.

These proposals will be considered by city councillors starting with the transport committee next Tuesday and if passed they will go out to public consultation.

The chairman of the council's transport committee Labour Councillor Andrew Montague welcomed the idea, saying that one car pool vehicle can take 15 private cars off the streets.

He also said the system would help many inner city residents who could not own cars because of the lack of residential parking.