Residents in New York are struggling to recover from a snowstorm, days after superstorm Sandy hit the city.

Cold, rain and powerful winds added to the misery of disaster victims whose homes were destroyed or who were left without power after Sandy on 29 October.

A blanket of snow 8-15cm thick covered the city. "God hates us!" the New York Post said in a front-page headline.

New York and New Jersey evacuated the most vulnerable coastal areas ahead of the "nor'easter" storm.

Sandy's death toll in the United States and Canada reached 121 after New York authorities reported another death linked to the storm, in the coastal neighbourhood of the Rockaways.

Some 300,000 households from the Carolinas to New York lost power, though roughly 250,000 were restored before morning.

In all some 662,000 remained in the dark after the back-to-back hurricane and snowstorm.

New York distributed space heaters and blankets to residents without heat or power and opened shelters to those in need of a warm place to sleep.

New York City officials urged people whose homes have been flooded by Sandy to relocate to the homes of friends or family members or to go to city shelters.

Airlines cancelled flights to and from the region, and petrol remained in short supply.