RTÉ has announced a number of changes across its News and Current Affairs division.

Starting in early 2013, there will be a morning news television programme on RTÉ One from 9-11am, produced by RTÉ News Now.

The Week in Politics will transmit at the earlier time of midday on Sundays, as well as on Sunday evenings.

Investments will be made in studio facilities to unify Prime Time and The Frontline and to provide more flexibility in the delivery of current affairs programmes.

Pat Kenny and Miriam O'Callaghan will continue presenting the programmes and will be joined by Claire Byrne as co-presenter.

George Lee will bring his economic expertise to the programmes.

The Frontline will also be moved to a more prominent time slot of 9.30pm.

Next year there will also be a new RTÉ News Now app and a new-look RTÉ News website.

The Managing Director of RTÉ News and Current Affairs Kevin Bakhurst said the broadcaster's new digital services are very important to the future of RTÉ News.

"People's ways of consuming news are changing hugely, and the important thing for RTÉ News and Current Affairs is that we can deliver our news in a variety of different ways," Mr Bakhurst said.

"The News Now TV Channel is a key part of that and I think to have a successful Irish Television News Channel is one aspiration we all share here," he added.

He said new technologies including smart phones and Wifi services will be utilised to provide faster news gathering.

"I think there are some real opportunities in terms of being a better modern news gathering operation and using the new technology.

"Some of it does save money, and some of it is about being more fleet of foot in providing more material quicker for News Now, for the website and so on."

Mr Bakhurst added that he could see how seriously RTÉ took dealing with the mistakes made in relation to last year's Prime Time Investigates Programme "A Mission to Prey".

"Obviously RTÉ had problems last year, with the Prime Time Investigates case and so on. I can see from the response from the organisation and the changes we've made, how seriously the organisation took that," Mr Bakhurst said.

The posts of Science and Technology, as well as GAA Correspondent, are due to be advertised.

Mr Bakhurst also confirmed that he is committed to RTÉ's coverage of foreign news.

He said that the organisation's offices in Washington and Brussels remain key to news output, and that the situation regarding coverage of events in the UK, following the closure of RTÉ's London office, remains under review.