The Dublin Airport Authority has denied that it has made a €55m offer to trade unions in the ongoing negotiations over the €750m deficit in the pension scheme it shares with Aer Lingus.

It was reported yesterday that the DAA had proposed a package of measures totalling around €55m, which would see some workers receiving pensions worth up to 78% of their final salary.

Up to now, Aer Lingus has been adamant that it would not accept any restructuring proposal that would deliver pensions in excess of two thirds of final salary.

In a statement issued today, the DAA said that contrary to recent media reports, it has not made a €55m offer to trade unions in the ongoing talks on pensions.

It said the DAA's position with regard to the outcome of the current pension negotiations is "fully aligned" with Aer Lingus.

The DAA also described what it called recent attempts by unnamed sources to imply otherwise as "a gross misrepresentation of the facts".

SIPTU called off a threatened strike two weeks ago to allow negotiations chaired by the Labour Relations Commission to proceed.

Those negotiations were adjourned last week to allow for local consultation.