Doctors, accountants, solicitors and pharmacists are among the white collar professionals who paid more than €14m in undeclared income to the Revenue Commissioners up to August of this year.

Overall figures obtained from Revenue show those involved in black economy activities in the rental, construction and professional sectors and other cash businesses made payments this year of more than €63m to Revenue.

This followed almost 2,000 audits of businesses and white collar professionals.

They were investigated for under-declaring income, paying employees off the books, or doing nixers.

In terms of payments to Revenue for black economy activities, the rental sector paid €17.5m, the construction sector paid €16m, and white collar professionals paid €14.2m.

Cash businesses, such as food outlets and retail, paid €12.1m.

In terms of white collar professionals, the biggest yield of €3.4m came from doctors.

Their average payment was just over €26,000.

Accountants paid €3.2m with the average payment just over €39,000.

A further €5.3m was paid following audits of engineers, pharmacists and solicitors.

The largest average individual payments were made by vets. They paid on average just over €68,000 for undeclared income.