A delegation of IRA victims from Co Fermanagh was due to meet the Taoiseach in Dublin today.

The group, led by DUP Minister Arlene Foster, is seeking a formal acknowledgment that previous Irish governments "failed to protect life within border communities".

Five families as well as representatives from the Lisnaskea-based victims group South East Fermanagh Foundation (SEFF) were to attend the meeting at Government Buildings this evening.

They planned to present Enda Kenny with reports covering extradition and displacement issues.

The group said one headline figure is that between 1973 and 1997 a total of 113 extradition requests were made to the Republic on terrorist-related offences, but only eight people were actually extradited.

They said this represents a 93% extradition refusal rate.

Director of Services within SEFF Kenny Donaldson said innocent victims in Co Fermanagh have waited a long time for a meeting to take place.

He said they would have the opportunity to present the Government with the truth of what occurred throughout the county over 30 years.

Mr Donaldson said families of those killed and injured by the IRA want an acknowledgement that successive governments and their security forces "failed to properly protect life along border".

He said they also want "dialogue around the belief held by many" that the State assisted the arming and financing of the IRA.