Argentina has replaced the head of its navy and suspended two senior navy officials following the seizure of a naval training ship and its 300 crew in West Africa.

The Libertad was seized in Ghana by creditors who say they will not release the vessel until the South American country repays money owed to them following a default in 2001.

An Argentine delegation is in Ghana trying to resolve the stalemate.

The Argentine government is holding an inquiry into who was responsible for allowing the vessel to stop in Ghana.

The creditors say Argentina owes them over $300m on defaulted debt and they will only release the ship if the country repays at least $20m.

Argentina defaulted on more than $100bn of debt in 2001 and 2002, the biggest default in history.

President Cristina Fernandez's government condemned the ship's detention, saying it could not be targeted by creditors due to its military nature.

A Ghanaian court ruled that Argentina forfeited such immunities when it issued the bonds.