Turkey will retaliate without hesitation if its border with Syria is violated again, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said today.

Turkey's armed forces have repeatedly responded in kind over the past few weeks to gunfire and shelling spilling across the border from Syria.

Turkey has warned of a more forceful response if the violence is not contained.

Meanwhile, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan rebuked the UN Security Council for inaction over Syria today as war intensified across the country.

He the world body of superpowers was repeating mistakes that led to massacres in Bosnia in the 1990s.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces used air strikes and artillery to bombard insurgents on several fronts in the 19-month-old conflict.

Turkey has led calls for intervention, including no-fly zones enforced by foreign aircraft to stop deadly air raids by Mr Assad's forces.

This week Turkey angered Syria and its ally Russia by intercepting a Syrian airliner carrying what it said were Russian-made munitions for the Syrian army.

There is little chance of UN support for robust action.

China insists any solution to Syria's crisis must come from within, while Russia has said many Syrians still support Mr Assad.

Western nations meanwhile do not want to commit to any military action that could begin a regional sectarian war.

“The UN Security Council has not intervened in the human tragedy that has been going on in Syria for 20 months, despite all our efforts,” Mr Erdogan told a conference in Istanbul attended by dignitaries including Arab League Secretary General Nabil Elaraby.

"There's an attitude that encourages, gives the green light to Assad to kill tens or hundreds of people every day."