A new opinon poll indicates that support for Sinn Féin has increased over the summer, while other parties remain relatively stable.

The Red C poll for tomorrow's Sunday Business Post also shows that two thirds of voters want the Croke Park Deal reviewed to further reduce public sector pay costs.

Over 1,000 voters around the country were questioned between last Monday and Wednesday.

It indicates that there has been very little movement in party support over the summer.

The poll implies that Fine Gael's support is at 32% and Fianna Fáil is unchanged at 18% since the last poll in May.

It suggests that Labour has dropped one point to 14.

Sinn Féin are up two points now to 18%; while Independents and others drop one, scoring 18%. 

Those polled were asked if they trusted the Fine Gael/Labour coalition to manage the public finances, 38% said they did, while 59% did not, with 2% undecided.

Also they were asked if the Government had gone back on election promises on taxation, 71% said they had, a five point increase since the question was asked last November, while just 36% said they had not, with two per cent undecided.

There was widespread support indicated for a review of the Croke Park Agreement to reduce public sector pay costs, with two thirds, 66 %, in favour, and 31% opposed.

Voters were asked if they would prefer the Government to cut public services rather than raise taxes: 52% wanted to reduce services, with 44% disagreeing.