Labour Relations Commission Chief Executive Kieran Mulvey has denied that there is a war of words between himself and Minister of State Lucinda Creighton over the Croke Park Agreement.

Ms Creighton is quoted in the Sunday Independent as saying the chairman of the LRC "does not have the right to tell politicians or political parties what they should say or think".

She said he was "over-reaching his position" and should "concentrate on what he is actually supposed to be doing".

Mr Mulvey said he accepted what the minister had said, but that she had been "slightly unfair" to him.

He said he had been critical of aspects of the public sector during the boom times.

Mr Mulvey said there was a "continuing assault" on public sector workers, and many commentators seemed to think Ireland's debt problems were the fault of workers.

He said last week that people who were looking to do away with the Croke Park Agreement ran the risk of industrial strife.