Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar has said that the Government is bound to honour the Croke Park Agreement.

Minister Varadkar said that the agreement still has a year-and-a-half to run.

He said the Government had signed the agreement and entered it in good faith and must honour it.

Mr Varadkar said that he understood Minister for Health James Reilly's frustrations with the proportion of pay in the health budget.

He said Dr Reilly was not the first or the only minister to question the agreement.

The minister also responded to the story in The Irish Times about the pressure Jean-Claude Trichet put on Brian Lenihan to accept a bailout in 2010.

Mr Varadkar said there was no doubt the previous government was pushed into a bailout.

He said he had not seen the letters, but he was aware of the circumstances at the time.

Mr Varadkar said that the previous government was responsible for allowing a massive property bubble to build up.

He said that the fact that the detail of the letters was now out in the open did not change the Government's negotiating position with the Troika.

Fianna Fáil wants the Government to publish the full record of contact between the Department of Finance and the European Central Bank (ECB) in the period before the bailout.

Finance spokesperson Michael McGrath said: "I believe that full details of the role of the ECB around the time of Ireland's entry into a bailout programme should be made public.

"The Irish people deserve to have access to all records of the period leading up to and during the negotiations of our formal programme with the EU/ECB/IMF."