A survey suggests that more than half of Germans are pessimistic about the economy but support Chancellor Angela Merkel's tough stance on the eurozone.

The Forsa-Institute survey also showed Merkel's junior coalition partner, the Free Democrats, which has said Greece should quit the euro.

57% of those polled had a pessimistic view of Germany's economic outlook, while only 12% were optimistic.

Germany, Europe's largest economy, has weathered the eurozone debt crisis relatively well so far, with exports to non-European markets booming and unemployment touching 20-year lows.

Germans still feel Ms Merkel's conservatives are best placed to steer Germany through the crisis. 

The poll gave her party 36%, unchanged from the last poll and nine percentage points ahead of the centre-left Social Democrats.

Ms Merkel has insisted that heavily-indebted eurozone countries implement tough austerity measures in return for help from Europe's bailout funds.

This stance that has made her very unpopular in countries such as Greece.