A dog, which boarded a train in Kildare alone early this morning and ended up in Dublin's Pearse station, has been successfully reunited with its owner through Twitter.

Patch, a Jack Russell cross, went missing from his home just outside Kilcock yesterday afternoon between 4pm and 5pm.

His owner, Deirdre Anglin, discovered he was missing when she got home from work and spent several hours searching the area for him.

Ms Anglin told RTÉ News she hoped the dog would turn up overnight.

When he did not, she and her sister used Facebook to alert friends to watch out for him.

She went to work by train as usual and checked Twitter, where she saw that Irish Rail had tweeted that a lost dog had been handed in at Pearse Station by a passenger who found it on the Longford-Dublin service.

Patch had boarded the train when it stopped in Kilcock at 6.49am.

Ms Anglin was later reunited with her dog, and has since brought him home to Kilcock by train.

After Irish Rail sent out the 'lost dog' tweet this morning, it was retweeted 500 times by other users.

It took 32 minutes for Ms Anglin to be alerted via the social network.