The Irish Farmers' Association has warned that the weather conditions in recent weeks are causing major problems for farmers.

Two-thirds of the silage crop is still to be harvested nationwide.

Some parts of the country have had levels of rainfall in the last month that were more than double the norm for this time of year.

The IFA has said that this is posing huge difficulties on farms, with stock re-housed, increases in feed costs, production levels back, and critically, most of next winter's feed still not in.

IFA President John Bryan has said that they would expect to have 80% of silage harvested by the end of June.

Farmers are reporting significant delays because of the prolonged, broken spell of weather.

It is feared that the quality of what will be saved will suffer and this will mean extra feeding costs next winter.

Mr Bryan said farmers were becoming increasingly concerned as the wet weather is set to continue for the week ahead.

He said the adverse conditions will have a negative impact on farm incomes, following some recovery in 2010 and 2011.

Mr Bryan said bad weather inevitably means higher costs, and said it was happening at a time when inputs are already rising in price.

The IFA called on Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney to give a firm commitment that he will secure an advance of 50% on the Single Farm Payment for the middle of October.

It is also seeking assurance of the full payout of Disadvantaged Area payments in September, asking the minister to improve cash-flow for farm families, and to provide some certainty in meeting credit deadlines.