There has been a call for a solution to horse harness racing on Irish roads that would ''respect both Traveller culture and the law of the land.''

The request by Traveller resource centre Pavee Point comes after a video emerged of what is known as a ''sulky race'', which took place on a Co Cork road last weekend.

The main Cork to Mallow road became a race track between two horses pulling carts with riders last Saturday.

The race was recorded and uploaded to YouTube and showed cars travelling in the opposite direction being forced to drive on the hard shoulder.

A spokesperson for Pavee Point says this kind of racing is part of the Traveller tradition, but is unregulated.

He called on Traveller groups, gardaí and local authorities to come together to find a resolution.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Ben Archibald of Pavee Point described the race as indefensible.

"What we saw on Saturday, what we saw in that video was just a serious risk to life, and there's nothing cultural about that, you can't defend that on cultural grounds, and no Traveller is trying to."

He said Pavee Point had made contact with the Horse Forum in Cork after Saturday's incident out of concern for animal safety.

Mr Archibald urged Travellers who wanted to take part in harness races to work with their local Traveller organistion, gardaí and local authority to find a safe and responsible way of doing so.