Bertie Ahern's former constituency headquarters, St Luke's, is to be handed over to the Fianna Fail party, the trustees announced tonight.

In a statement released to RTE News the trustees - Joe Burke, Tim Collins and Des Richardson - said Mr Ahern had urged them to vest the property to the party nationally.

The statement comes ahead of a National Executive meeting which will discuss the reorganisation of Dublin Central and the transfer of property to Fianna Fail nationally.

There had been speculation that the trustees would oppose moves to gain control of St Luke's, however they said such speculation was “inaccurate and totally without foundation”.

Fianna Fail has confirmed that that process of co-operation has now begun.

St Luke’s was a central part of the famous Ahern electoral machine.

It was the scene of many key political moments over the past few decades - and potentially a bone of contention following Bertie Ahern's resignation from Fianna Fail.