A hotel manager in Donegal has bought the hotel he works at, at the Allsop Space auction in Dublin.

The Sand House Hotel in Donegal was the most expensive property for sale, with the reserve price of €650,000.

The hotel went into liquidation in February 2009, though staff kept it running, paying for repairs and maintenance.

General Manager Paul Diver worked in the hotel for the past twenty years.

After purchasing the Sand House, Mr Diver said it was "brilliant" for the staff, some of whom had worked there for 50 years.

He also said the hotel had gone on sale a number of years ago for €4.5m.

More than 600 people gathered at the Shelbourne Hotel for the auction of 93 properties.

Seven properties were withdrawn including a cottage in County Leitrim which originally had a reserve price set at just €7,500.

Organisers Allsop Space said that by today more than 110,000 people have read the catalogue online from 130 countries.

It said there were more than 40 registered overseas bidders from places including Hong Kong, Australia, Britain, Italy and the Middle East.

A member of the Defend Our Homes League got a short round of applause as the auction started when he shouted objections to the selling of properties today.

Allsop Space held four sales in 2011, which raised over €52m.