A new cross-border umbrella organisation to campaign against hydraulic fracturing for shale gas in Ireland has been established.

Good Energies Alliance Ireland includes a number of groups already campaigning against fracking on both sides of the border and says it is now taking the battle to a new level.

Spokeswoman Dr Aedin McLoughlin said GEAI is adopting a balanced and professional approach to the anti-fracking campaign and is backed by advisors in the areas of economics, law, science, public health and policy development.

She said its plan is to use information and creative, arts-based communication to raise awareness about shale gas extraction using hydraulic fracturing, and to promote sustainable energy sources and jobs.

Energy company Tamboran Resources has claimed that a gas exploration project for Ireland could create 600 full-time jobs.

Tamboran is proposing a €7bn investment, and has said that it would take specific actions to protect air and groundwater if it is allowed to go ahead with the project.