The remaining 11 workers at Galway Airport are staging a sit-in in protest at what they say is management's failure to guarantee they will receive redundancy when their contracts expire later this month.

Spokesman Seán Adair said they met airport officials today following news that Bank of Ireland had removed over €1m from the airport's accounts to reduce company loans.

The money had been earmarked for redundancy payments.

Mr Adair claimed management were unable to guarantee money would be available for redundancy payments.

The workers are to receive statutory redundancy only, regardless of years of service.

He said they requested that the airport pay their redundancy now, while they guaranteed to continue working until 19 February.

Workers said management were unable to grant this request, citing legal reasons.

Galway Airport's future was put in doubt once scheduled services ceased last year. It continues to receive charter and light aircraft.

It currently operates on a 9am-5pm basis and workers engaged in the sit-in say they will continue to operate the airport, including the provision of emergency fire cover.

The airport has laid off 47 staff, while 14 remain on the payroll until 19 February, with 11 of these engaged in the sit-in.

It is understood further meetings are to take place tomorrow between airport management, the Departmet of Transport and Bank of Ireland in relation to the funds removed from bank accounts.