The search for five missing fishermen whose trawler went down off the west Cork coast has been called off for the night.

The vessel sank in Glandore Bay early yesterday morning.

One Egyptian crewman was rescued from the water and is said to be in a comfortable condition in Cork University Hospital.

The missing men are skipper Michael Hayes, 52, student Kevin Kershaw, 21, and Egyptians Wael Mohammed, Saied Ali Eldin and Attia Shaban.

Family members were taken by local boats to the search site this morning.

Several trawlers scanned the waters throughout the morning, while two trawlers with a net tied between them trawled the inside harbour.

Lieutenant Commander Paddy Harkin from the Naval Service said rough seas had hampered the diving aspect of the search.

Garda and Navy divers will begin their operation when sea conditions improve.

Volunteers from the west Cork civil defence are also involved in the search.

In a statement, the Navy said they were concentrating their efforts "on pockets of debris in the bay where conditions are suitable for diving and have completed operations in those areas."