The first opinion poll of 2012 shows a marginal improvement in support for the Government parties since the Budget.

However, the Red C poll for Paddy Power indicates that 15% of voters say they will not pay the Household Charge.

The poll was carried out between Monday and yesterday and is the first Red C poll since the weekend before the Budget in December.

In terms of party support, it shows very little movement, with Fine Gael and Labour up one point to 33% and 16% respectively.

Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin drop a point to 17% and 14 %, while Independents and others are unchanged at 20%.

More interesting are the numbers on the Household Charge, as 24% do not know if they are liable for the charge, while 19% say they do not have to pay it.

The poll shows that 42% know they are due to pay it and say they will.

However, 15% say they know they are liable for the charge, but they are not going to pay it.