A fridge freezer manufacturer has issued an urgent safety notice to Irish customers over a potential fire risk with several of its models.

Beko said it has currently located 2,361 affected frost-free fridge freezers in Ireland, however there are 5,125 models that still need to be modified.

1,779 of the affected appliances have been modified so far, and 582 have been scrapped.

Leaflets are now being distributed to every household in Ireland, with the company explaining that this "is the most effective method of contacting customers directly".

Beko issued the alert after what it describes as "a very small number of incidents" involving Beko branded frost-free fridge freezers, which were manufactured between January 2000 and October 2006.

The company says it may be possible for the defrost timer, which is located at the back of the fridge, to fail, overheat and cause a potential fire hazard.

Beko says the products were independently tested before being placed on the market and met all UK and European safety standards when they were sold.

But it says it is now seeking to contact owners of these products to carry out a free of charge modification to the defrost timer.

In a statement Beko said it "would like to remind customers that the safety of all our products is Beko's highest priority and we continually look at ways to raise awareness of this important safety issue.

"As a responsible manufacturer, we believe in the highest safety standards for all our products".

Consumers can contact Beko at 1800-252925. A list of affected appliances is also on www.beko.ie