Seán Quinn has been ordered to pay more than €1.7bn to Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, formerly Anglo Irish Bank.

The official receiver in Northern Ireland indicated to the Commercial Court in Dublin today that he would be making no application in relation to the order.

Today's judgement of €1.7bn, together with last week's judgement of €416m, involves €1.52bn, $589m and 13bn Japanese yen.

The bank has now secured judgments totalling over €2bn against him. They are the largest such judgments against an individual by the Irish courts.

The Commercial Court heard the amounts were from personal guarantees Mr Quinn had given on behalf of lending to a Quinn subsidiary (Quinn Finance) for "a whole series of ventures in various parts of the world".

In a statement, IBRC said it welcomed today's decision by Mr Justice Peter Kelly.

Today's hearing had been delayed by a week, as Mr Justice Kelly had allowed time for Mr Quinn's official receiver in Northern Ireland to decide on making an application in relation to any judgment that may be made.

Senior Counsel Bernard Dunleavy told the Commercial Court today that the receiver had expressed "gratitude" for the judge affording this opportunity, but did not want to "make any application for a stay" on an order to pay the money to IBRC.

The court heard the receiver wished to take no further part in the proceedings, but had offered the opportunity to Mr Quinn to take part if wished to do so.

Counsel told the court as of lunchtime today Mr Quinn had issued no instructions for any legal counsel to take part in the case on his behalf.

Mr Justice Kelly then accepted an application from counsel for IBRC that judgment to pay the sums be issued.

After the hearing, IBRC said it remains committed to "fully contesting Mr Quinn's application for bankruptcy in Northern Ireland and will do so at a hearing now scheduled for the 19 December".

In a statement, Mr Quinn said he noted the judgment with "great disappointment".

He said: "Anglo's attempt to overturn my bankruptcy is further evidence of their disregard for public funds.

"Considering, I was born, reared and worked every single day of my working life in Co Fermanagh, I find it more than surprising that Anglo are pursuing the first ever appeal of this kind.

"This is an unusual step taken by Anglo, considering the proposed legislative changes which the Government has indicated will be introduced shortly."