Radical governance reforms to the way Tallaght Hospital is run have been announced.

The decision was announced in a joint statement from Minister for Health Dr James Reilly, and the Church of Ireland, Archbishop of Dublin, Dr Michael Jackson.

Tallaght Hospital has been the subject of controversy recently because of budget over runs and an inquiry into the running of its accident and emergency department.

The current 23-member board is to be replaced with a nine-member board.

The Minister said tonight that the charter for the hospital was no longer suitable for the running of the hospital.

The opening of Tallaght in 1998 saw the amalgamation of three hospitals - the Adelaide, Meath and National Children's Hospital - with particular protection for the Protestant ethos of the Adelaide.

Since it opened, the hospital has faced major financial pressures and has seen the departure of several chief executives.

Recently, in response to criticism of poor governance standards, it introduced a slimmed down expert Board and other measures.

It has also been embroiled in controversy over 50,000 unread x-rays, unprocessed GP referral letters, a potential breach of confidentiality due to the outsourcing of the typing of patient medical reports and a statutory inquiry is underway into safety at its emergency department.