More than 50 people are still taking part in the Occupy Dame Street demonstration outside the Central Bank in Dublin.

The protest is in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York.

The Occupy Wall Street group says it is protesting against financial greed and corruption, while the Occupy Dame Street Group has four demands.

The protesters say they want the EU and the IMF to "stay out of Ireland's affairs"; an end to the burden of private debt on the people of Ireland; the return of ownership of Ireland's oil and gas reserves to the people of Ireland; and for "real participatory democracy".

A group of around 50 people have been camping overnight since Saturday and they have been joined during the day by dozens of others.

The organisers say they have had about 1,000 people pass through the group since Saturday afternoon.

There are about 20 tents, which are bound together by rope and duct tape, as they cannot be pegged to the concrete outside the Central Bank.

The camp is organised and has set up working groups to share out jobs such as construction, security, media, health and safety and the all-important food committee.

They hold general assemblies at 1pm and 6pm each day where anyone may speak their mind and address the group.

Instead of rowdy cheers of approval, the protesters say they wave their hands in a silent gesture of agreement with the point being made.

The group has no plans to end its occupation of the area in front of the Central Bank.

The protesters have praised the generosity of others who have donated all sorts of camping equipment, as well as lots of food.

An anonymous person has also set up a free Wi-Fi connection in the area.

The organisers are now appealing for donations, as they need to hire a port-a-loo and a generator.