TalkTalk Group statement, 7 September 2011

TalkTalk has today announced the proposed closure of our site in Waterford.

We have grown rapidly to serve 5 million customers in the UK and have acquired a number of businesses and sites across the world, many of which operated with different systems and processes.

We've concentrated on simplifying our business and, as a result of significant improvements to the TalkTalk customer experience, call volumes across the whole of our contact centre estate are down 40% year-on-year.

We continue to review our options to further simplify our operations as we remain committed to continually improving customer service. This will make future changes in customer service easier to implement and embed as well as assisting us in sharing best practice, both of which will help deliver further improvements.

We are also seeing customers increasingly choosing to deal with us online due to the services they are purchasing and we expect this trend to continue. Indeed, for the first time, the majority of our customer interactions are now online.

We announced back in June the selection of Wipro and Transcom as long-term strategic Outsourced Partners and the proposed closure of Waterford would see the majority of work transferred to Transcom, Wipro and CCi as well as our UK sites.

As our largest in-house site, the proposed closure of Waterford also allows us to reduce complexity, simplify our skill sets and bring benefits to customers as quickly as possible. Waterford is our only site that operates with the Euro and the proposed change will therefore also limit our exposure to exchange rate fluctuations.

It is important to emphasise that this proposal in no way reflects on the Waterford team's performance and commitment. They have shown huge dedication and care in serving our customers over the years.

Staff at the Waterford site will now enter a 30-day consultation period, after which a final decision will be made.

We will be making every effort over the coming weeks to give those affected all the support and help they may need to consider their options for the future, including in some instances the option of relocating to another TalkTalk site.