Potential postal voters in the Presidential election had to register before the close of business today.

Application forms were available from local authorities, post offices and public libraries - forms must be returned to your local authority.

Earlier, Labour candidate Michael D Higgins had said that "Postal voting is important for full-time students who are living away from their registered address. It is also vitally important for those with a disability or the elderly who are unable to travel to the polling station,"

"With the closing date for registering for the postal vote today, I would urge people to assist their elderly relatives or neighbours who are not already registered, in submitting the form to their relevant local authority to ensure they can cast their vote."

Meanwhile, Independent candidate Seán Gallagher has said he has been disappointed by the lack of legislation to cut waste in public spending.

In a statement, Mr Gallagher said he was disappointed that there has been no movement on his proposal to limit the use of ‘freepost’ envelopes during the Presidential campaign.

Mr Gallagher has suggested €10m of taxpayers’ money can be saved if candidates save postage costs by using just one combined leaflet.

"The country is strapped for cash and my proposal on curtailing the use of freepost for candidates was a practical attempt at saving millions of euros.

''I am disappointed that I appear to have received the stock answer that the current situation is under review. There are real savings to be made here which can be diverted to disability and voluntary groups'', he said.

Mr Gallagher said that under Presidential election entitlements, every candidate is provided with free postage for their leaflet distributed to the in excess of 3m voters in the State. An Post is reimbursed by the Exchequer.