An Australian man caught driving a scooter created out of a motorised beer cooler - while drinking - has been fined and had his driving licence suspended.

The unconventional scooter featured a cooler box mounted on a wheeled frame and powered by a 50cc engine, complete with a steering handlebar.

The cooler doubled as a driver's seat and was able to hold up to 48 bottles of beer.

Chris Petrie, 23, and from the northeastern state of Queensland, bought the vehicle over the internet for $AUS600 (over €400).

While assembling it at a friend's house the two sampled a few beers before Petrie decided to drive it home, according to a local television station.

'By the time we built it, it was quite late so we thought we'd go for a bit of a test run,' he told Network Ten.

He was caught by the police en route and found to be more than three times over Australia's legal blood alcohol limit.

The 23-year-old was charged with drink driving and driving without a licence.

In court, the judge asked if the cooler was fully loaded and was told it was full of canned rum and Cokes, Network Ten added.

The sentence included an A$500 fine.