A terrified kitten has been rescued on Dublin’s M50 thanks to the DSPCA and the gardaí.

The kitten, now named ‘Freeway’, was spotted lost and alone in the central reservation of the M50 by passing motorists.

DCPCA driver Lisa Kemp was dispatched to try to save the terrified kitten.

Ms Kemp soon realised that the speed of the traffic would make it impossible to get to the cat on her own.

Calls were made to the local and national media urging motorists to slow down while Lisa waited for the garda to arrive.

Ms Kemp said: ‘Every time a car went by, he flattened his ears..it was obvious he was absolutely terrified. My heart was in my mouth, I couldn’t get to him.

‘The traffic was going too fast, I kept fearing he would run and be hit. I could visualise it. We called the gardaí and while I waited for them to arrive I was just willing Freeway to stay put.

‘The gardaí were brilliant…traffic stopped. I ran with the cat basket and just grabbed him and ran back’.

The kitten has been re-united with his owners.