Sony Music Ireland has said it is looking into an incident on its website after three fake news stories appeared on its homepage this morning.

The website has been removed and the domain is re-directing to the company's Facebook page.

The company has said there is no substance to any of the stories that appeared on the site.

One of the fake stories headlined 'Tragedy Strikes The Script' reported the death of two of the band members.

In Sony's statement it said all of the group are fine.

Fake stories about singer Rebecca Black, R Kelly and X Factor contestants were also published to the website.

It is not yet known who is responsible for this latest incident, but in recent weeks Sony has been targeted by a number of other attacks.

On one occasion, 77m customers' accounts were compromised and the company was forced to temporarily suspend its PlayStation Network.

There have also been hack attacks affecting the CIA and the International Monetary Fund.

Today the first ever Cyber Threat Summit was held in Dublin.