Jack and Sophie were the most popular babies’ names registered last year, holding on to the top positions for the second year in a row.

Jack retains the top spot it has held every year since 2007, with 914 boys named Jack in 2010, 102 more than the number of boys named Sean, the second most popular choice.

However, competition for the top girls' name was much fiercer. Emily, picked by 598 parents, just missed out on the top spot, one less than Sophie at 599.

The top five boys’ names - Jack, Sean, Daniel, James and Conor - have made up the top five since 2007.

Four of the top five - Jack, Sean, Conor and James - have been in the top five since 1998, with only their order changing from year to year.

There has been much more variety in the girls’ top five, however, with Lucy appearing for the first time. Last year, Emily was only ranked sixth.

There were four first time entries to the top 100 for boys - Tyler, Sebastian, Daithi and Alfie.

Tyler also saw the biggest jump in popularity rising 47 places from 130th in 2009 to 47th last year.

There were three first time entries to the top 100 for girls: Lilly, Sofia and Lena.

In general, girls are given a wider variety of names than boys, with 4,710 girls’ names registered and 3,866 boys’ names registered.