The Court of Criminal Appeal has quashed the conviction of Galway councillor Michael Fahy for obtaining the use or benefit of more than €7,000 from Galway County Council by false pretences.

Councillor Fahy was convicted of the charge in late 2008 after a retrial.

The Court of Criminal Appeal had previously quashed his conviction in 2007 on seven charges brought under the Larceny and Theft and Fraud Offences Acts.

The charges related to more than a mile of fencing that had been erected on Councillor Fahy's land following a Community Involvement Scheme operated by the County Council.

Councillor Fahy had served more than seven months in prison before his original conviction was overturned.

Councillor Fahy who was a former Fianna Fáil member is now an Independent.

Michael Fahy topped the poll in his electoral area in the 2009 local elections.

The Court did not order a new trial.