Unemployed for almost a year and on the brink of emigrating, a 26-year old Galway man has employed an innovative strategy to find a job.

Féilim Mac An Iomaire of Inverin, Connemara, also known as ‘Jobless Paddy’, has rented a billboard on Merrion Road in Dublin for two weeks, in order to attract attention to his plight.

The double-sided ad depicts the Galway man standing on seashore with a suitcase in hand, looking out on a horizon of famous foreign landmarks including the Houses of Parliament, Sydney Opera House and Statue of Liberty.

It carries the caption, ‘Save me from Emigration, for more information and my C.V. contact joblesspaddy@Gmail.com.’

Mr Mac An Iomaire said he was motivated to take action after nine months of fruitless job seeking.

The NUI Galway graduate returned from a year working in Australia last August and since then has applied for more than 100 jobs, but without success.

He says he does not want to leave Ireland again and would prefer to stay here to develop his career, but he says that if he does not get a job by the end of June, he will be forced to emigrate.

Interested in social marketing, Mr Mac An Iomaire, who is qualified and has experience in sales and marketing, launched a Facebook and Twitter campaign in tandem with his billboard advert.

The exercise has cost him €2,000.