The Medical Council has started an inquiry into alleged poor professional performance relating to a circumcision operation at Mullingar General Hospital in July 2009.

Dr Timothy Buckley, a surgeon from Westmeath, is before the inquiry due to the performance of an alleged incomplete circumcision on a seven-year-old boy by a trainee surgeon.

The inquiry has heard evidence alleging that the failure to perform a proper circumcision led to necrosis in some tissue.

A full circumcision was later performed on the child.

The inquiry heard circumcisions at the hospital were mostly performed by trainee surgeons.

Ms Zamira Tuhtahunova told the inquiry she sought the circumcision for cultural, religious and hygiene reasons.

She believed that the operation would be performed by Dr Buckley.

She said her son suffered pain after the operation.

She said her son was okay now but may need a further operation.

The inquiry is considering whether it was correct to delegate the surgery to a trainee.