Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has said fresh fiscal and privatisation plans will be spelled out in a few weeks.

The announcement offers little to appease financial markets nervous over a possible debt restructuring.

Government officials had said today's announcement would send a message to investors that Greece was determined to meet its targets.

But Mr Papandreou gave little initial detail on how he would achieve deficit cuts and sell-offs, although more is expected from the finance ministry later today.

'The plan will be completed in the coming weeks and will be then submitted to parliament,' Mr Papandreou told a cabinet meeting.

'Today we are presenting the basic guidelines of a roadmap that will lead us from the Greece of crisis to the Greece of creativity.'

Greece had been expected to announce sell-offs, benefit cuts and effective tax hikes to save about €23bn to bring its budget deficit to about 1% in 2015 from about 10% in 2010.

'There appears to be very little new in his statement. It is disappointing given previous speculation he was about to announce some significant changes,' said Chris Pryce, analyst at Fitch Ratings.

'The prime minister's speech brought no clarity, uncertainty remains. What the market would have liked was a specific timetable for the part of privatisations that refer to 2011, this should have been spelled out,' said Theodore Krintas, head of wealth management at Attica Bank.

To comply with the terms of a €110bn EU/IMF bailout that saved it from bankruptcy last year, Greece must also spell out how it intends to raise €50bn from privatisations by 2015.

The target is viewed as optimistic by many analysts and Greek politicians.