A Swedish couple on a four-month honeymoon managed to stumble upon six disasters on their journey, including cyclones, flooding and earthquakes.

Stefan and Erika Svanström left Sweden on 6 December last year and were first stranded in Munich, Germany, due to the snowstorms that hit Europe.

Travelling with their baby daughter, they flew on to Cairns in Australia, which was then struck by one of the most ferocious cyclones in the nation's history.

They then headed south to Brisbane, but the city was experiencing massive flooding, so they crossed the country to Perth where they narrowly escaped raging bush fires.

The couple then flew to Christchurch, New Zealand, arriving just after a massive magnitude 6.3 earthquake devastated the city on 22 February.

They proceeded onto Tokyo in Japan where a few days later the 9.0 level earthquake hit.

The family returned to Stockholm on 29 March after a much calmer visit to their last destination, China.

Mr Svanström also survived the devastating St Stephen's Day tsunami that hit southeast Asia in 2004.

Despite the chaotic honeymoon, Mr Svanström says the marriage is still going strong.