Minister for Finance Michael Noonan and Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin have held a series of meetings with officials from the European Union and International Monetary Fund.

The ministers met European Central Bank Chief Economist Jurgen Stark this morning, before having talks with Ajai Chopra of the IMF and Istvan Szekely of the European Commission.

A statement from the officials said the visit 'was an opportunity to hear the views of the new government on its economic programme'.

'The discussions covered the economic outlook and the financial sector, and are an important input into next month's review mission of the EC, ECB and IMF,' it added.

Earlier, Mr Howlin has said he and Mr Noonan would discuss with the IMF how it wants to proceed with the renegotiation of the EU/IMF bailout deal.

Mr Howlin said it was not a matter of a 'hard or soft' engagement with Mr Chopra and others, but partnership that he said would lead to success.

He said circumstances have changed and the impact of the Programme for Government on existing deals would be discussed.

Mr Howlin said the Government would engage here and internationally to 'push out the boundaries for Ireland'.

He said people need to understand the pressure Ireland is under and he said it is everyone's interest Ireland succeeds and he said decision to allow that happen must be made.

He said Ireland would be frank, completely open and expected support during its efforts.

Elsewhere, the Taoiseach has again raised the possibility of the Central Bank borrowing money from the US Federal Reserve.

The issue was raised during the election campaign by Michael Noonan.

Mr Noonan said other countries with assets in US banks were able to borrow from the Federal Reserve on the strength of those assets.

Asked if he would raise this issue when he meets US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in Washington this evening, Mr Kenny indicated it was a matter for the Central Bank to pursue.

Mr Kenny said he would use his meeting with Mr Geithner to discuss the 'bigger issues', to open a new connection and build on that.