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Updates 0700-1500

1458 Dublin Mid West declaration: No one reached the quota of 8,639 on first count. Continuing to second count

1453 The quota in Dublin West was 8,495 out of a total valid vote of 42,472. Labour Party Finance Spokesperson Joan Burton was elected with 9,627 of first preference votes.

1447 Joan Burton elected on first count in Dublin West.

1445 Damien English gets ready for his RTE interview a short time ago:

1443 Cavan-Monaghan: Final tally - Fine Gael 39.4%, Sinn Féin 26.02%, Fianna Fáil 20.30%, Labour Party 5.51%.

1441 Wicklow: With 90% of the tally now complete, Fine Gael's Andrew Doyle has overtaken party colleague Simon Harris.

Doyle is now on 14.5%, with Billy Timmins in second position on 13% and Harris on 12.7%. The overall Fine Gael vote in Wicklow now stands at 40.2%. Fianna Fáil is at 10.1% with Dick Roche on 5.6%.

Labour stand at 17.1%, with party sources remaining confident Anne Ferris remains in the running for the fourth seat.

Independent Stephen Donnelly on 9.1% and Sinn Féin's John Brady on 10% are now seem as the most likely contenders for the last seat, although Joe Behan on 5.9% could still challenge some party workers believe.

1437 Longford-Westmeath: After a near-complete tally, Mary O'Rourke seems almost certain to lose her seat, having polled less than 3,000 first preference votes.

1434 Labour's Pat Rabbitte said it was inevitable that the two Fianna Fáil candidates in Dublin South West would pay the price for the mismanagement of the economy.

He said Labour has a prospect of winning a second seat in the constituency.

1430 'You're certainly right about us needing a pint later in the day Miriam - that would be well advised' - Pat Rabbitte speaking to Miriam O'Callaghan on the RTÉ Election special a short time ago

1429 All parties agree that Trevor Sargent of the Green party will struggle to win a seat in Dublin North and will need significant transfers if he is to be in with a chance.

1427 Keeping a close eye on the results on Cork South West

1426 MEP Joe Higgins said it was a certainty that the Socialist Party/United Left Alliance would take a seat in Dublin West.

He said it was the beginning of a new significant movement on the Left.

1424 Tipperary South: Independent candidate and outgoing TD Mattie McGrath says he is hopeful the 'independent bounce' will come his way, if, as the tallies suggest he is in the running for the third seat.

1421 Eamon Ryan says there is a very slim that he will keep his seat. He said it will be a sad and difficult day for the Green Party, but he said they will get over this difficult time and continue.

1415 Outgoing minister and TD for Dublin South West Conor Lenihan has conceded that Fianna Fáil is likely to lose its two seats in the constituency.

He paid tribute to his running mate Charlie O'Connor.

1415 One interested observer, Richard Bruton, eyes the early results at the RDS count centre

1414 Louth: Final Tally - Fine Gael 31.5%, Sinn Féin 21.2%, Labour Party 19%, Fianna Fail 15.6%.

Prediction from pundits is Adams to top the poll with O'Dowd in second. Possibly both elected on the first count.

Labour's Ged Nash to take the third with FG second candidate Peter Fitzpatrick to take the final seat.

1410 There’s a global Twitter outage and Twitter.com is working to fix the problem.

1409 Fine Gael director of elections Phil Hogan said it was a good day for the party and he thinks Fine Gael's share of the vote will increase between 11-12% on the 2007 election.

He said anywhere Fine Gael is in contention they are likely to win seats. Mr Hogan said the Fianna Fáil eliminations in many constituencies will quite sizeably and disproportionately benefit Fine Gael.

1406 Minister for Children Barry Andrews who polled 6% in Dun Laoghaire and is set to lose his seat, said it was a bad day for Fianna Fáil in the capital.

He said the mistakes that led to today were made over the past decade. He said it was too early to say if he would stay in politics.

1357 Dun Laoghaire: Final Tally - Eamon Gilmore 20%, Sean Barrett 19%, Mary Mitchell O'Connor 16%, Richard Boyd Barrett 10.8%, Ivana Bacik 10.46%, Mary Hanafin 9%, Barry Andrews 6%, Ciaran Cuffe 3.75%.

Gilmore, Barrett and O'Connor expected to take first three seats. Bacik and Boyd Barrett are expected to battle for fourth seat.

Fianna Fáil is not conceding a seat for Hanafin, but says it will be hard for her to take the final seat

1352 Wexford: Final tally shows that Independent Mick Wallace is going to top the poll and will probably exceed the quota.

Tallies project the quota will be 12,700, and Wallace is coming in with 18% of the first preference votes. If the tally predictions are correct, he will have over 13,645 first preferences.

1350 Dublin North East: Tally now complete with Terence Flanagan of Fine Gael expected to top the poll with 29.12% of the vote.

In second place is Labour's Tommy Broughan with 24.04%. Sinn Féin's Larry O'Toole is on 12.13%, with Labour's Sean Kenny on 10.48%.

Fianna Fáil's Averil Power is on 11.48% but tallymen believe she will struggle to attract sufficient transfers to take the third seat.

1349 RTÉ.ie Tracker at the RDS count centre in Dublin...

1348 Cork East: 100% of the boxes have been opened.

Labour's Sean Sherlock is expected to retain his seat, topping the poll with 22% of first preference.

Fine Gael's David Stanton should also keep his seat and bring in a second for Fine Gael. The party's three candidates have 39% of the poll.

Fianna Fáil's Kevin O'Keeffe has struggled to pick up support with just 9% of the vote. Outgoing FF TD Michael Ahern could be in trouble on 8.5%.

Sinn Féin’s Sandra McLellan could be in with a chance for the fourth seat in Cork East.

1344 The view a few minutes ago in Roscommon-South Leitrim

1344 Cork South Central: 100% of boxes have now been tallied. The results put Fine Gael on 35%, Fianna Fáil on 28%, Labour Party on 18%, Sinn Fein on 8%, Green Party on 3% and others on 10%

Micheál Martin is topping the poll on 16.7%. His running mate Micheal McGrath is on 11.33% and with the help of Martin’s transfers will compete for the last seat.

Fine Gael’s Simon Coveney is on 14.6%, Jerry Buttimer is on 11% and Deirdre Clune is on 8.8%.

Labour’s Ciaran Lynch is on 13% of the 18% party vote. He is assured of a seat but his fellow candidate Cllr Paula Desmond looks like she is out of the running.

1334 Cavan-Monaghan: Complete Cavan tally and 85% Monaghan tally. FG at 39.9%, SF at 24.98%, FF at 21.2%, Lab at 5.7%, Greens at 0.71%, Others at 7.49%.

1333 Longford-Westmeath: Tally operators are having difficulty in producing a tally for Westmeath. All 184 boxes in the constituency have been opened, and counters are bundling the votes, but as yet there's no indication from the joint tally conducted for Westmeath.

1324 Limerick City: A final tally in the four seater constituency shows that FG's Michael Noonan will top the poll for the first time in his political career.

He's going to take over 30% of the first preference vote, with a surplus of over 3,000 votes, which should see his running mate Kieran O'Donnell also being elected.

1322 Twitter.com is having problems, which is having a knock-on effect on RTÉ Twitter accounts

1321 Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said the party had set a target of doubling the number of Dail seats it holds and that it is on course to do that.

Mr Adams said this was a good day for Sinn Féin and it showed that people wanted change.

‘This is the beginning of the attempt to bring about this type of change,’ he said.

1320 One dedicated RTÉ election coverage viewer (thanks @oceanclub)

1316 Clare: Tally of 80% of boxes - Fianna Fáil 22%, Fine Gael 42.3%, Labour 14.7%, Green Party 2%, Independents 19%.

1315 There is a disadvantage with splitting votes when there are two good candidates like Mary Hanafin and Barry Andrews, says Fianna Fáil’s Mike Mulcahy. You can't tell one of them you can't stand, he said.

1314 Sligo-North Leitrim: Tally with 77% of boxes open - Fianna Fáil 27%, Fine Gael 35%, Labour 11% Green Party 1%, Sinn Féin 9%, and Independents 17%.

All Co Sligo boxes only. No Leitrim boxes included in tally.

1313 Kerry South: Tally of 146 of 154 boxes - Fleming 15%, Gleeson 10.8%, Griffin 18.4%, Healy Rae 15.8%, Moloney 11.5%, O'Donoghue 13.2% and Sheahan 13.6%.

1313 Fine Gael’s strategy of dividing votes is working well and will win them votes says Sean Barrett. He says this election is all about seats and their strategy is working very well for them.

1311 'We are going to retain our seats and add to them significantly... It's looking like a very good future for Sinn Fein', says Sinn Féin’s Larry O'Toole.

1308 Louth: Latest tally figures show Adams pulling ahead of O'Dowd to top the poll.

1307 Limerick: Tally now complete - Fine Gael 48.5%, Fianna Fail 20.9%, Labour Party 17.5% and Independents 12%.

1306 Short break for coffee before counting resumes in the west...

1306 Dublin North East: Tally now complete and tally people say that FG’s Terence Flanagan will top the poll at 27.36%.

In second place is Labour's Tommy Broughan with 25.15%, according to tallies. Tally people estimate that the final seat will be between Labour's Sean Kenny and Sinn Féin's Larry O'Toole.

1302 Shopping for votes in Mayo...

1302 Meath West: With tallies complete Fine Gael is ahead with 46% of vote.

Fianna Fáil has 18% with only a couple of hundred votes separating Fianna Fáil incumbent Johnny Brady and Shane Cassells. Sinn Féin's Peadar Toibin is on 17%.

Labour's Jenny McHugh has increased the party's vote from 4% in 2007 to 13.2%.

1301 Dublin Central: 100% of boxes are now tallied.

Fine Gael's Paschal Donohue has 20.15% of the vote and is expected to top the poll, followed by Labour's Joe Costello, who has 18.26% of the vote, according to the tallies.

Mary Lou McDonald from Sinn Féin has 12.96% of the vote according to the tallies and it is thought likely that she will take a seat.

She is followed very closely by Independent Maureen O'Sullivan - who took Tony Gregory's seat in the 2009 by-election - and is on 11.71% of the vote.

1259 Former Minister of State Martin Mansergh in South Tipperary says it would be 'quite a struggle' for him to hold on to his seat.

He said it would be a major job to rebuild the party following today's results.

1257 Wicklow: With 47% of boxes tallied – Fianna Fáil 12.3%, Fine Gael 38%, Labour 16.3%, Sinn Fein 10.4%, Green Party 1.3%, Independents and others 21.1%.

1254 Cork South Central: Tally of 83% opened boxes. Fine Gael 34%, Fianna Fáil 27%, Labour 19%, Green Party 3%, Sinn Fein 8% and Others 9%.

Jerry Buttimer is ahead of Simon Coveney for Fine Gael. Micheál Martin is topping the poll at 18.5%.

1251 Fianna Fáil candidate in Tipperary South Martin Mansergh has said it's actually too early to tell who will take the final seat there.

Final tally figures give him 13% of the vote. However, Mr Mansergh said the tally was out by 400 votes in the 2007 election with the result working to his advantage.

1243 Graphs of the Millward Brown Lansdowne RTÉ Exit Poll are available to view here.

1243 ‘Sentimentally I have seen the highs and today, apparently, is going to be a low for Fianna Fáil’ – John Moloney.

He feels from the tally it will not be good day for Fianna Fail in Laois/Offaly.

He said he is not conceding his seat until he sees the first count.

1242 Dublin North East: Final tally shows FG’s Flanagan and Labour’s Broughan set to retain their seats on the first count. Sinn Féin’s O'Toole ahead of Labour’s Kenny.

1241 John Bowman: 'If Luke 'Ming' Flanagan gets in, he'll go from burning weed to burning turf.'

1240 RTÉ Exit Poll on what was most important to voters in how they voted:

1238 Tipperary North: 50% tally - FF at 17.2%; FG at 24.4%; Lab at 18.9%; SF at 6.5%; Green at 1%; Lowry (Ind) at 28.7%; Others at 3.3%.

1236 Cork South West: Final Tally shows total vote at 47670.

Ind Butler at 428, Daly of FG at 8657, Ind Doonan at 257, FG Harrington at 7892, SF Hayes at 3339, Ind Kearney at 964, Labour’s McCarthy at 6535, Green’s McCaughey at 764, Ind McInearny at 566, FG’s Murphy at 6925, FF’s O'Donovan at 6331, FF’s Christy O'Sullivan at 5105, Ind Michael O'Sullivan at 225.

1234 Bryan Dobson: My panel of party strategists think Fianna Fáil is showing better in many of the tallies than the RTÉ exit poll would suggest.

1230 Tally in progress in Sligo North Leitrim...

1234 Fianna Fail General Secretary Sean Dorgan said this was a ‘punishment election’ and the voters sent a strong message to Fianna Fail.

He said that message is understood, but he insists that the despite the potential for seat losses today, the party may be down but not out.

1232 Cork North Central: With 80% boxes tallied Labour, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael look assured of one seat each with a battle for the last seat between the three parties.

1230 The Greens were always running for the last seat in each of the constituencies, says Donal Geoghegan of the party.

'Eamon Ryan's vote has dropped significantly, but they are looking for a huge number of transfers from Shane Ross and we don't know where they are going to go,' he said.

1229 Independents and smaller parties, and Labour, appear set to do best out of transfers, according to the RTÉ's Exit Poll conducted by Millward Brown Lansdowne.

The poll found that 22% of the second preferences of those surveyed went to Independents and Others, and 21% to Labour.

Fine Gael is at 16%, Fianna Fáil at 8%, Sinn Féin 6% and the Greens 4%. 22% had no second preference votes.

1220 Cork South Central: Tally of 47% of boxes - Fine Gael 31%, Fianna Fáil 25%, Labour Party 20%, Green Party 3%, Sinn Féin 11%, Independents 10%.

1217 Meath West: Final tally shows Fine Gael's Damien English likely to top the poll with 23% of the vote. Sinn Féin's Peader Toibin is coming in second on 17% followed by Fine Gael candidate Ray Butler and Labour's Jenny McHugh on 13%.

Outgoing Fianna Fail TD, Johnny Brady and party colleague Shane Cassels, are both on 9%.

However, tallymen are warning that the tally shows a 60% turnout when it is in fact 71%.

1216 Meath West: Christian Solidarity Party's Manus McMeanmain says he's very unhappy that his party logo wasn't on the ballot paper and was instead represented by an image that he claims looks like a picture of nuts.

1214 Final tally in Macroom in Co Cork.

1211 Wexford: With 50% of the boxes tallied Mick Wallace might exceed the quota with 14.51%.

John Browne of Fianna Fáil is at 5,450 votes; Sean Connick is in trouble with 1,412 votes.

Michael D'Arcy of Fine Gael is at 7,435 or 20% of the vote, party colleague Paul Kehoe at 5,828 or 16% of the vote, and Liam Twomey of Fine Gael at 2,272. Brendan Howlin of Labour is at 2,852 or 7.7% of first preference tallies.

1209 Brian Lenihan should hold on to his seat, says Sean Dorgan.

Regarding, Tánaiste Mary Coughlan and whether she can hold on to her seat in Donegal, he said his information is that it will 'go down to the wire.'

1208 Today will be ‘the toughest day we have had’, says Fianna Fáil general secretary Sean Dorgan.

1200 David McCullagh: If Fine Gael and Labour end up in government together, several constituencies look like having no Opposition TD.

Sinn Féin is making gains in a number of areas, while the Greens are in a fight for their political lives, and a strong contingent of Independents is also likely to be elected.

1158 David McCullagh: Indications are that Fine Gael and Labour are set to make major gains, while Fianna Fáil is facing trouble everywhere, but especially in Dublin.

As the tallies roll in, the difficult picture for Fianna Fáil is getting clearer - every seat in Dublin is in danger, including those of Ministers Brian Lenihan, Mary Hanafin and Barry Andrews.

1156 Limerick City: Tally of 50% of boxes shows: FG’s Noonan to top the poll, next FF’s O'Dea, then Labour’s Jan O'Sullivan.

1150 Fine Gael's General Secretary Tom Curran says it is a historic day for the party. He estimates that Fine Gael will be on above 36% of the vote.

1148 Wicklow: First tally based on 22% boxes, with south and west bias. Fianna Fáil 16.9%, Fine Gael 40.2%, Labour 13.8%, Green Party 0.9%, Sinn Féin 9.4%, Independents and Others 18.2%.

1143 Tipperary North: Tallies of 32% of boxes - Fianna Fáil 16.9%, Fine Gael 25.9%, Labour Party 17.8%, Sinn Fein 5.7%, Green Party 0.8%, Michael Lowry 29.8% and Others 3.2%.

1141 Cork North Central: With a third of the 155 boxes opened and no significant geographic bias, the tally shows: FG on almost 29.86%, Labour on 24.86%, FF on 14.4%; SF on 13%, the Socialist Party on 8.5%, Independents on 4.78%, the Workers Party on 2.4%, Greens on 1.27% and the Christian Solidarity Party on 0.63%.

1140 Kildare South: Tally complete – Martin Heydon 33%, Jack Wall 28%, Sean O'Fearghail 12%, Sean Power 10%.

1135 Dun Laoghaire: With 71% boxes tallied - Gilmore 20.5%, Sean Barrett 18.4%, O'Connor 16.4%, Richard Boyd Barret 10.68%, Bacik 10.38%, Hanafin 9.14%, Andrews 6.53%, Cuffe 3.9%.

1132 Wicklow: With 22% of boxes tallied Fianna Fáil 16.9%, Fine Gael 40.2%, Labour 13.8%, Greens 0.9%, Sinn Fein 9.4% and Independents on 18.2%.

Fine Gael's Billy Timmins seems set to top the poll, with 25.9% of first preferences. Sinn Féin's John Brady is polling well on 10.9%. Fianna Fáil's Pat Fitzgerald on 11.4% is outpolling party colleague Dick Roche on 5.5%.

1129 The RTÉ Exit Poll shows that Enda Kenny is the preferred choice for Taoiseach - but that choice of Taoiseach played a much smaller role in voters' choices than it did in the last General Election.

In 2007, 22% of voters said who would be Taoiseach was the main factor in how they voted, but in this election that has fallen to just 7%.

Enda Kenny was the preferred choice of 39% of voters as Taoiseach, followed by Eamon Gilmore on 23%, and Micheál Martin on 21%. 14% had no preference, and 3% said they didn't know.

1124 Noel Dempsey said the Dublin scenario for Fianna Fáil is bad. He said they were not going to win any of the last seats that they usually win because they are not going to get transfers 'so it's looking pretty grim. To get a result in the low 20s would be good.'

1123 FF’s Noel Dempsey said he was very disappointed with the exit polls. He believes that Micheál Martin did very well with the short period of time that he had.

1123 Kerry South: With 39% of boxes tallied - Fleming 20.5%, Gleeson 15.2%, Griffen 9.1%, Healy Rae 12.6%, Molony 13.7%, ODonoghue 12.4% and Sheahan 15.3%.

1120 Dún Laoghaire: Fianna Fáil says it will be hard for Mary Hanafin to take the last seat and that everything would have to fall her way.

1119 Dublin Mid West: 90% boxes tallied - Fine Gael at 31.4%, Labour 29.8%, Fianna Fáil 12.2%, Greens 3.7%, Sinn Féin 11.7% and Independents 5.6%.

1118 Cavan-Monaghan: With 30% of tally complete, it looks like this: FF at 23%, FG at 49%, LAB at 4.5%, SF at 19%.

1114 Kildare South: With 90% of the boxes open, the tallies are as follows: Martin Heydon 33%, Jack Wall 28%, Sean O Fearghail 12%, Seran Power 10%, Paddy Kennedy 7%, Jason Turner 6%, Clifford Reid 2%, Vivian Cummins 1%.

1111 Waterford: With 15% of boxes tallied - Deasy 21%, Coffey 17%, Kenneally 14%, Conway 11%, Ryan 9%, Cullinae 11% and Halligan 9%.

1109 Cork East: 15% of the 159 boxes have been opened, all from the northern part of the constituency from Mitchelstown and surrounding areas.

1106 RTÉ Television coverage of count weekend has begun. Watch it live at the top of this page

1105 Louth: Tally figures after 25% of boxes opened. FG on 32%, Fianna Fáil and Sinn Fein on 20%, Labour on 16%, Independents on 7% and Greens on 3%. This includes a mix of both urban and rural boxes around the constituency.

Tally people are predicting Fine Gael’s Fergus O'Dowd will top the poll, followed by Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams. A fight for the remaining two seats is predicted between Labour, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael's Peter Fitzpatrick.

1103 Carlow-Kilkenny: Tallies from Kilkenny only put McGuinness at 24.3%, Hogan at 22.7%, Aylward at 10.4%, JP Phelan at 14.9%, A Phelan 11.9%, Funchion at 7.3%, and White at 1.5%.

1057 Dublin North Central: Tally of 42% of boxes - FF 13.8%, FG 33.8%, Lab 23.7%, Finian McGrath 15.1%.

1056 Kildare South: First announcement expected between 2.30pm and 3pm.

1054 Limerick: 30% of boxes have been tallied with results as so Collins 20%, Dillon 19%, Heffernan 17%, Neville 17%, O'Donovan 12% and O'Donnell 1O%.

1052 Dublin North: Between 80% and 90% of the boxes have been opened. Here are the figures for the first partial tally (44% tallied – all areas):

Clare Daly (SP) 16%, Farrell (FG) 10%, Harrold (Ind) 3%, Kelleher (Lab) 6.5%, Kennedy (FF) 7.5%, O'Brien (FF) 8%, O'Reilly (FG) 18%, Ryan (Lab) 21%, Sargent (Green) 9%.

1050 Roscommon-South Leitrim: With 20% of boxes open Fine Gael are on 41%. Fianna Fáil is on 18.3%. Independents are at 25%, Labour is on 6.3%, Sinn Féin is on 9% and the Green Party is on 0.4%.

Early predictions put Fine Gael on two seats - Denis Naughton and Frank Feighan with the third seat going to Independent Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan.

1047 Dún Laoghaire: FG, FF and Labour predict Gilmore to top poll, and there will be two FG seats. FF says it is between, Ivana Bacik, Richard Boyd Barrett and Mary Hanafin for third seat. Labour and FG say it is between Bacik and Boyd Barrett for third seat.

1043 With one third of the boxes tallied in the four seater Limerick City constituency, it looks as if FG's Finance Spokesperson Michael Noonan is set to top the poll.

Michael Noonan is on 29% of the vote at present, followed by Fianna Fáil's Willie O’Dea on 18.4%. Labour’s Jan O’ Sullivan is also polling well on 15.6%, as is Sinn Féin's Maurice Quinlivan on 11%.

1042 If, as seems likely, Enda Kenny is elected Taoiseach when the 31st Dáil meets on 9 March, he will be the oldest person to be elected to the office for the first time, with the exception of Seán Lemass.

Mr Kenny will be six weeks and four days short of his 60th birthday on 9 March, compared to Lemass, who was three weeks and one day away from 60 when he was elected Taoiseach in 1959.

Albert Reynolds was 59 and three months when he became Taoiseach in 1992. Mr Kenny will also be the first Taoiseach since Lemass not to have served in either of the two key Departments - Finance or Foreign Affairs.

RTÉ Exit Poll - Overall Summary

1039 Dublin South East: With 30% of boxes open, Labour on 34%, FG 23%, FF 11%, SF 7%, GP 6%. These are inner city boxes...

1038 All of the boxes in the Donegal electoral area, one of three electoral areas in the Donegal South West constituency, have been opened and tallied. Indications are that the Tánaiste is under pressure.

1035 Dublin North: Fine Gael predicting Reilly (FG), Ryan (Lab) and Daly (ULA) for first three seats. Battle between Sargent (G) and Farrell (FG) for last seat.

1035 In the 35-49 age category, support for Fine Gael was put at 36%, Labour 20%, Independents 16%, Fianna Fáil 14%, Sinn Fein 11% and the Green Party 3%, according to RTÉ's Exit Poll.

In the 50-64 age category, support for Fine Gael was put at 39%, Labour 20%, Independents 14%, Fianna Fáil 16%, Sinn Fein 9% and the Green Party 2%.

Exit poll - Ulster

1033 With 26 boxes opened in Dublin North East, Labour's Tommy Broughan is topping the poll with 28.6% of the vote.

Terrence Flanagan of Fine Gael is in second place with 21.85%, and Sean Kenny of Labour is on 16.8%. Sinn Fein's Larry O'Toole is polling well with 14.14%, but Fianna Fail's Averil Power is only on 8.77%.

Tally people point out that the boxes opened so far are on the west side of the constituency which would favour Labour and Sinn Féin.

1032 Early tallies from Dublin West, with half the boxes, open show Joan Burton 24.5%, Dennison 7%, Donnelly 5.9%, Esebamen 0.7%, Higgins 20.3%, Lenihan 14%, McGuinness 1.3%, O'Gorman 1.5%, Varadkar 18.5%

1031 The first tally from the cross party tally people in Waterford is showing the two Fine Gael candidates polling well. 15% of the boxes have been opened.

1029 Early tallies suggest Fine Gael will hold two seats in Clare. Labour, FF and Independent James Breen in contention for last two.

1027 Turnout in Dun Laoghaire is estimated at around 70%. 22% of the boxes are tallied and most of the boxes are from Ballybrack, Blackrock, Dalkey and Kill of the Grange.

Barry Andrews is at 6%, Ivan Bacik at 11%, Sean Barrett at 19.5%, Richard Boyd Barrett at 12 %, Eamon Gilmore at 23%, Mary Hanafin at 9% and Mary Mitchell O'Connor at 14%.

1025 Among those aged 18-24, Fine Gael support was put at 32%, Labour at 23%, Independents 20% - double Fianna Fáil’s 10%, Sinn Féin at 11% and the Greens on 4%.

In the 25-34 age category, support for Fine Gael was put at 32%, Labour 24%, Independents 16%, Fianna Fáil 13%, Sinn Féin 12% and the Green Party 4%.

Exit poll - Munster

1022 Green Party candidate Paul Gogarty, via twitter, says: ‘10% of tallies counted. All in my strong area. Loads of 2, 3, 4, which is comforting, but not enough No. 1s. I concede, with good grace.’

1019 Breaking down RTÉ’s Exit Poll by age, Fine Gael support was highest among the over 65s at 43%. The Green Party was lowest in that age bracket at 2%. Support for Fianna Fáil was put higher in that category than any other at 23%, Labour was at 15%, Sinn Féin at 6% and Independents at 8%.

1008 In Mayo with 10% of boxes tallied Fine Gael is on 64.4%, Fianna Fáil is on 17.2%, Labour 4.7%, Sinn Féin is at 5.2%, Green Party is on 0.35% and Independents and others 8%. Fine Gael party members say they are on target to take four of the five seats in Mayo.

1006 Boxes mainly from north Wexford open so far. Fine Gael tally people say Independent candidate Mick Wallace is polling very strongly in areas he would not have been considered strong - they believe he will get a very big vote.

Cork North West - piv by Michael Mac Suibhne

1001 Breaking down RTÉ’s Exit Poll by gender, Fine Gael support among females is put at 36%, roughly the same figure as they’re overall support in the poll.

Labour had significantly better support in women than men - 24% compared to 18%. The poll shows support in Fianna Fáil was stronger in men at 17%, compared to 13% of women.

The Green Party support was equal between the sexes at 3%, according to the poll. Sinn Féin support was put at 12% amongst men and 9% amongst women.

Exit Poll - Leinster

0957 Tally people for both Shane Ross and Fine Gael in Dublin South say indications at this stage suggest he has topped the poll.

0955 Estimated turnout in Waterford is approx 69%. Early indications are that the two Fine Gael candidates, outgoing TD John Deasy and Senator Paudie Coffey, are polling well.

FF tallymen say the one FF candidate seeking election, outgoing TD Brendan Kenneally, is holding his vote.

0952 The poll indicated Independents and others had their strongest showing in Dublin, with 19%. In the rest of Leinster and Connacht/Ulster they were put at 12% and Munster 18%.

Sinn Féin support is put at 15% on Connacht/Ulster, 11% in Dublin, 10% in the rest of Leinster and 7% in Munster.

Finally, the Green Party is at 5% in Dublin, 3% in the rest of Leinster, 2% in Munster and only 1% in Connacht/Ulster.

Exit poll - Dublin

0951 Ind candidate Shane Ross said the success of independent candidates was very encouraging and more than just a protest vote.

He said he did not expect that independents would form part of a coalition, which he called disappointing.

0950 Turnout in Mayo was 74%, according to returning officer Fintan Murphy. That's an increase of around 10% on 2007.

0945 Breaking down the Millward Brown Lansdowne poll by region, Fine Gael polled strongest in Connacht/Ulster with 41% of first preference votes.

This was followed by Leinster (excluding Dublin) with 40%, it had 38% in Munster, and 27% in Leinster.

According to the exit poll, Labour received 31% of first preferences in Dublin, 20% in Munster, 19% in Leinster and 11% in Connacht/Ulster.

RTÉ's Exit Poll indicated Fianna Fáil polled as low as 8% in Dublin. They had 16% support in Munster, 17% in Leinster and 19% in Connacht/Ulster.

Exit Poll graph

0944 Watch the Morning Ireland studio webcams live now on http://www.rte.ie/newsnow

0941 Clare tally people expecting first tally by 10am.

0939 Boxes are open in Louth and counting has begun

0938 Boxes in Greystones will be opened in numerical order, meaning first tallies will be geographically biased towards the south of the county. First tallies, from the combined party computerised tally, due around 1030-1100.

0937 Count staff have begun opening the 202 boxes in the Wicklow constituency count in Greystones. The returning officer, Patricia Casey, says the boxes will be opened in numerical order.

0936 Turnout in Mayo was 74% according to returning officer Fintan Murphy. That's an increase of around 10% on the 2007 election figure.

0934 FG tally people say they estimate a voter turnout of between 72% and 75% for Dublin South.

0928 The returning officer in Kildare South will give from five to ten minutes warning for first call results.

0924 In Dublin North Central there are 89 boxes from 20 stations now open.

0921 RTÉ's Brian Dowling believes Fine Gael look a long way short of the seats needed for an overall majority.

0917 The first boxes have been opened in Sligo-North Leitrim after a short delay.

0911 Green Party strategist Donall Geoghegan said his party had run a good campaign and had detected a change in the electorate during the course of the campaign.

He said the party was hopeful of having a presence in the Dáil. Given the circumstances, he said, it was not a bad result.

0901 The counting of ballots in the General Election is getting under way around now.

0900 Sinn Féin's Thomas Sharkey said the poll result was welcome news and to win 15 seats would be a fantastic result for the party.

He said the party was hopeful that transfers would also go in its favour.

0850 Labour's strategist David Leech said it was a great day for the party.

He said Fine Gael had a very strong two weeks at the beginning of the campaign but that Labour felt the tide was shifting in their favour during the final days of the campaign.

0845 Fianna Fáil's Director of Elections Tony Killeen said it was a worrying time for the party and many of his colleagues would be defeated today.

He said he didn't believe it was the end of Fianna Fáil as a movement, that the party would be in opposition and had a countrywide organisation on which to rebuild.

0842 Fine Gael's Deputy Director of Elections Frank Flannery said it was important to remember the poll results can vary and it would be interesting to see how the transfers would affect the overall result.

He said he had no doubt that Fine Gael would enjoy an historic victory and Fianna Fail would have a dramatically horrific election.

0825 Roger Jupp, Chairman of Millward Brown Landsdowne, which carried out the poll says it potentially could mean a wipeout for Fianna Fáil in Dublin.

Party has just 8% of the vote in the capital.

0800 RTÉ exit poll results indicate that Fine Gael is on course to lead the next Government - but that it won't win an overall majority.

The Millward Brown Lansdowne Poll also indicates that Labour should have its best ever General Election result, and Fianna Fáil its worst.

0757 RTÉ exit poll results due to be broadcast on Morning Ireland, starting at 8am

0700 It's Election Count time, and we'll be bringing you the latest information as it becomes available throughout the weekend here on RTÉ.ie. Voting closed last night at 10pm, and the counting of votes begins at count centres around the country at 9am.

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