Trust in government in Ireland is lowest among people in 23 countries surveyed by an international public relations company.

The Edelman Trust Barometer, a survey of over 5,000 people, also found that trust in the media was low in Ireland, but on par with other European countries.

In Ireland trust in the system of government is at 20% - the lowest of 23 countries surveyed. This is down 11% from last year. Globally, trust in government increased by five points to 52% over the past year.

Ireland also has a low trust in the media at 38%, however this is on a par with most other EU countries.

Traditional news sources such as newspapers, TV, radio, as well as online search engines, are the most trusted sources of information, the survey said. Content-sharing sites and social networking sites are the least trusted sources of information.

Despite negative international media coverage, the survey findings suggest that this has not affected sentiment toward Ireland.

14 of the 23 countries surveyed, including key trading partners like the US and UK, report trusting global companies headquartered in Ireland.

'Redemptive' government needed - Kenny

Speaking at a conference organised by Edelman, Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny said that at a time of ‘national betrayal’, Ireland needs a redemptive government.

Mr Kenny said despite the fundamental wrongs done to people, Ireland can be rebuilt and repaired.

He said the Fine Gael policy document, 'Let's Get Ireland Working', would set out how the party would protect jobs, implement fairer taxes and deliver a ‘completely new health system’.

Mr Kenny also said his party was committed to public sector reform.