The search is on for fragments of a meteorite which blazed across Irish skies yesterday evening.

The meteor - described as 'huge' by Astronomy Ireland - is known as a fireball.

Astronomy Ireland says it is likely to be a piece of a comet or asteroid that passed near Earth's orbit sometime in the past.

It appeared in the moonlit sky at approximately 6pm, or shortly after.

If it survived the fall to Irish soil, keen treasure hunters may fetch hundreds of euro per gram of meteorite if found.

Astronomy Ireland says people all over the country are reporting sightings.

The club's chairman, David Moore, is appealing for anyone who operates CCTV cameras to check footage which may have recorded the event.

Astronomy Ireland says there were three major fireball events recorded in Ireland last year - in February, September and November.

No fragments of any of these meteorites have been found.