Bank of Ireland has confirmed that some of its customers will face fees and charges for the first time.

Current account holders who do not make at least nine payments every three months will have fees imposed on them.

From 21 February, Bank of Ireland customers will also have to have at least €1,000 a month going into their account and make nine payments or more every three months using Banking 365 phone or online banking.

Alternatively, they should maintain a minimum credit balance of €3,000 during the fee quarter.

Customers who do not meet the new criteria will be charged 28c for each transaction.

The majority of the bank's 1.2m current account holders will be subject to the new fees.

26% of customers will not be affected as they hold 'Golden Years' or student accounts.

The bank says providing customers with current account facilities costs it money.

The changes have been criticised by the Consumers' Association.

Derek Jewell described the fees as another kick in the teeth for customers of the bailed out bank.