Day-to-day funding for all schools, colleges and other education providers is to be cut by 5%.

Rural families will see a rise in school transport costs, up by €50 for second-level students, with a new €50 fee introduced for primary school children. Those with medical cards are exempt.

Third-level student charges are to rise by €500 to €2,000, but the higher charge will be limited to one child per family.

Student grants are to be cut by 4% with cuts also for FÁS training allowances and similar supports.

There is a 9% cut for school building at primary level, a 20% cut at second level, and a 51% cut at third level.

It comes as a new survey reveals a significant fall in the international literacy ranking of Irish school students.

Ten years ago Irish 15-year-olds ranked fifth across countries surveyed by the OECD. In the latest survey they have dropped to 17th place.

There is also a big cut to funding for certain projects in disadvantaged areas.

Drugs Task Force funding is to be cut by 63%.

The department's Educational Disadvantage Fund is to be cut by 60%. Both these streams fund grassroots initiatives in disadvantaged areas.