A newly-formed alliance of existing parties has said it will lead a campaign of sustained resistance on the streets.

The 'United Left Alliance' is formed by the People Before Profit Alliance, Socialist Party, and Workers and Unemployed Action Group.

The group has said it will become an alternative to a Fine Gael/Labour government following the next General Election.

The ULA has said it expects to run around 20 candidates in the election.

Socialist Party MEP Joe Higgins said it is his view that there is no need for cuts, adding that working class people should not be expected to pay for the mistakes of the wealthy.

The new alliance says it would scrap the four-year recovery plan and stand up to the International Monetary Fund and the European Union. It says the plan is an attack on the poor and a policy to protect the rich.

Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett of People Before Profit says the United Left Alliance is not about extremism.

The group said it would heavily tax the wealthy as an alternative to borrowing.

Ireland's super rich have caused national humiliation, the group said.

It has called for a 24-hour strike of all workers to end what it calls the 'robbery of the people'.