Cuts to the education budget totalling €690m were announced today as part of the four-year plan.

Capitation grants to schools and other programmes, such as Youthreach and Adult Literacy programmes, will be reduced by 5%.

Student fees will be increased to €2,000 a year, up from €1,600, while a €200 charge will be introduced for post Leaving Certificate students.

Unspecified cuts will be made in student grants to yield a total saving of €51m in 2011.

The non-pay grant to third-level colleges will be cut by 5%.

The number of educational psychologists will be capped at 178, while teacher numbers will be reduced by ‘a combination of measures.’

As with all entrants to public service, there will be a 10% salary reduction for new teachers.

The plan warns that class size will be increased if the Department of Education, in consultation with the education partners, cannot identify alternative measures to achieve what it says is an essential reduction in teacher payroll costs.

Capital spending in education has been prioritised.

The plan cites demographic pressures for this - the school-going population is growing, and is expected to continue to do so.

Meanwhile, Traveller and Newcomer schoolchildren are to lose their special teaching resources. 1,200 teaching posts are to be cut.

There will also be a phased reduction in numbers of Language Support Teachers.

An additional 150 teachers promised under the Revised Programme for Government are also to be deferred.

These and some other teacher-reduction measures will yield a saving of €98m per year when fully implemented.

Teachers currently in these roles will be redeployed.