Today's four-year plan gives a breakdown of the savings by each Department. The report mentions some specific areas where cuts totalling €2.709bn will be made next year.

No details are given about the substantially larger 'further measures' each Department will have to implement between 2012 and 2014. These will amount to a total of €4.283bn.


The figures for 2011 are quoted on a full year basis.

Agriculture, Fisheries & Food - Savings €221m

The plan specifies cuts totalling €101m by 2011 with cuts to the Rural Environmental Protection Scheme taking the largest hit of €35.7m. However, other 'targeted savings' will save a further €120m between 2012 and 2014. This will be done by 'streamlining' a range of programmes. Other options include prioritisation of financial support to active farmers. The plan also says that an alternative funding model to support the horse and greyhound industries will be introduced.

An Bord Snip Nua had recommended cuts amounting to €305.1m

Communications, Energy & Natural Resources - Savings €20m

Cuts totalling €12m will be achieved next year according to the plan. This includes a plan to reduce Exchequer funding for TG4 with RTÉ licence fee income making up the difference. This was originally suggested by An Bord Snip Nua who recommended a cut of €10m.

Other savings between 2012 and 2014 will be achieved by focusing on 'rationalisation and scaling back of certain activities funded from this area'.

An Bord Snip Nua recommended cuts totalling €65.6m.

Community, Equality & Gaeltacht Affairs - Savings €35m

The Government has not acted on the proposal by An Bord Snip Nua to scrap the Department entirely. Today cuts amounting to €27m in a full year were announced with the biggest cut coming in the Community sector, which will see a reduction of €8.7m. To achieve the remaining €8m, over the following two years 'the full range of grant assistance programmes will have to be reviewed for further efficiencies and consolidation.'

Defence - Savings €106m

The plan announced today sees a cut of €25m next year which will be achieved by reducing allowances for overseas deployment; cutting the number of civilians in this area; replacement of equipment, buildings and maintenance projects to be deferred or cancelled. There will be a further saving of €20m in payroll costs. Between 2012 and 2014, the Department will also have to save a further €60m by 2014. This will be done by the adoption of a number of other measures including 'critical appraisal of every activity with the Defence Forces'. If this is not achievable then 'it may become necessary to consider further personnel reductions.'

An Bord Snip Nua suggested savings of €237.7m

Education & Skills - Savings €690m

The plan details cuts of €312m for 2011 with cuts in school funding, teacher numbers, and the student support scheme taking the biggest hits. There will be further cuts in teacher numbers over 2012/14. The Department will also ask its 'education partners' for ideas on coming up with other savings. If these savings can't be made by any other means then the Government will increase class sizes.

An Bord Snip Nua had recommended cuts of €745.9m

Enterprise, Trade & Innovation - Savings €47m

Next year this Department will save €37m through cuts on consumer affairs spending; 'targeting' of funding for science, technology and innovation, cuts in spending for Enterprise Agencies through 'operational efficiencies' and cuts for the Health & Safety Authority. Further cuts of €10m between 2012 and 2014 'will require the adoption of further efficiencies and programme adjustments'.

An Bord Snip Nua recommended cuts of €237.7m

Environment, Heritage & Local Government - Savings €311m

One of the biggest single cuts is in this Department next year with the local authorities receiving €62m a year less. This will be made up by the introduction of other local charges. Next year, the budget will be cut by a total of €91m. The funding of local authorities by the Department will end entirely by 2014 with water charges and another local charge will make up the difference.

An Bord Snip had recommended cuts of €130m.

Finance - Savings €60m

A range of measures to be introduced next year in the OPW, Revenue and Finance areas will save €26m a year which with payroll savings of €28m and €6m from administrative savings brings to €60m in savings next year. A further €25m will be achieved through rationalisation on the Department's accommodation bill, spending on visitor centres and structural reform of the taxation system.

An Bord Snip Nua recommended cuts of €82.8m

Foreign Affairs - Savings €187m

Cuts in overseas aid of €35m will make up the bulk of the cuts in this Department. Other measures see the introduction of a fee for passports for the over 65s which will raise €2.3m. In total the Department is expected to save €37m a year but with a further €150m in cuts to be achieved by 2014 the overseas aid budget will see much more in the way of cuts. Further efficiencies in the diplomatic services will also be introduced.

An Bord Snip Nua recommended cuts of €41.7m

Health & Children - Savings €1,445m

Cuts to the cost of drug purchasing and payments on demand led schemes will save €454m by 2011 with €257m in payroll costs are some of the major cuts in the health budget which is aimed at saving €765m by next year. The remaining €680m by 2014 will be achieved by increases in charges and introduction of further savings.

An Bord Snip Nua recommended cuts of €1,188.3m

Justice & Law Reform - Savings €370m

Next year the Government hopes for savings of €230m with major savings of €100m in payroll costs and €30m from the national immigration service. Legal aid and probation services will also be targeted. Further cuts between 2014 include further cuts in overtime and allowance; transport, legal aid and probation services.

An Bord Snip recommended cuts totalling €136.4m.

Social Protection - Savings €2,825m
Not included in the Government's online version of the four-year plan.

Bord Snip recommended cuts of €1,847.6m.

Taoiseach - Savings €35m

In total, this Department is hoping to see €11m in cuts next year with savings onwards to be made through administrative and operational efficiencies.

Bord Snip recommended cuts of €17.5m.

Tourism, Culture & Sport - Savings €76m

Cuts to cultural institutions, tourism spending, and sports bodies will see savings of €13m next year, which together with other payroll and non-pay roll spending will save €26m next year. The remaining €50m over the following years will be achieved by cuts to sporting bodies - national and local - cuts to the Arts Council and prioritisation of tourism spending.

An Bord Snip Nua report suggested cuts of €104.8m.

Transport - Savings €139m

Cuts to public transport companies such as Bus Éireann, Dublin Bus and Iarnród Éireann will amount to €10m next year with a further €9m being cut from road maintenance. A further €5m will be cut from the budget of the Road Safety Authority and cuts of €5.5m to regional airports will be introduced to save €39m next year. A further €100m will come in by 2014 through further cuts in the road maintenance budget; increasing fees such as road tax and consolidation of agencies.

Bord Snip recommended cuts of €127.1m.