A new network of privately operated speed cameras is to be rolled out by the middle of November.

The mobile units will be located in more than 500 areas across the country with gardaí saying the locations being targeted will be made public.

From next month, vans parked on roadsides will become a more familiar sight throughout the country, part of the new privately-operated network of mobile speed cameras that will be working 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Gardaí will not say how many of the vans will be operating but they will be in different makes, models and colours and will be clearly marked with a sign and safety message.

They will be operating for 6,000 hours every month in more than 500 speed enforcement zones nationwide. Those zones will be published on the garda website.

However, they will not detail the exact location or time the cameras will be there.

Gardaí say there is no incentive for the operators to catch people speeding as they are paid for hours worked, rather than numbers detected.

Motoring groups have welcomed the plan saying it is a positive step if the way they are operated does not change as the cameras will force people to change their driving habits.

The details of when the cameras will begin operating and the locations they will be targeting will be announced in the coming weeks.